No longer do we all want what the “Jones’” have next door. We want better, and we want original. And we want cost effective. Perhaps it’s that huge farmhouse bed that you’ve always dreamt of? Or the resplendent dining table worthy of King Henry VIII’s feasting? Or beautiful outdoor garden furniture, bespoke wardrobes, kitchen storage cabinets or heaven climbing stairs? From carpenters constructing your own home to creating a tiny urban chicken coop – the possibilities are endless.

As opposed to painstakingly trawling the Internet for the perfect pieces, have you considered furnishing your castle with something tailor made – just for you?

A custom handmade bed may no longer be just a dream. You can personally design and choose to have it constructed in stripped pine, aged oak, eco-friendly bamboo or even pallets – the choice is vast. Space in many bedrooms is a precious commodity. Having storage options built into the base can provide extra storage needed for clothes, linen, towels, etc. It will provide a sturdy foundation for your mattress and last a lifetime.

Dining tables can completely transform a room with functionality, character and texture through natural wood. Some might prefer a simple sturdy design that fits in with most styles and can be stained or painted. Alternatively, you might need an outdoor garden table which folds flat for winter storage. Space saving solutions may also include a coffee table, which converts into a dining table at night.

With summer fast approaching, show your hands if you have envy inducing garden furniture to lounge on. Why not design your perfect chair with arms the perfect height and a back, which supports where it should. Or a loveseat that’s actually large enough for two. And a sun lounger long enough for anyone over 5 feet tall and high enough to easily plonk down on and not have to hoist yourself out of.

It’s the room where everyone congregates. Kitchens often top the lists for what makes a beautiful home. Industrial kitchens are currently in trend with open shelves and ironwork adding a fun yet substantial addition. For those less tidily inclined, multiple cabinets are recommended. The ‘flow’ of a kitchen is important, so the room should be designed into zones. Super high or low counter tops and built in dishwashers, fridges and ovens should all be catered for. Wooden ceilings are a current firm favourite, with simple white cabinets that don’t compete. The aim is for a professional kitchen with a homely feel.

And don’t forget the bedroom. With space at a premium in most homes, bespoke wardrobes, drawers and more are able to be carefully crafted into all manner of spaces making the absolute most of the room available to you as well as being truly practical to use.

Interesting yet practical homes, rooms and furniture can be both beautiful and affordable. Never consider your ideas not possible – we like a challenge. Find out more about our bespoke furniture services here.