A significant portion of our work involves repairing or re-installing roofs after substandard work has been carried out on them by other roofing ‘companies’.

Cowboy traders are ten a penny and the roofing industry is not immune – far from it. We understand the temptation to succumb to a cheaper quote and to take at face value the advice you are given by so called ‘professional’ roofers. The sad fact is that it is very much a case of ‘buyer beware’.

One key issue that is often overlooked with roofing work and rogue traders is that work is carried out… yep, on your roof. Now, unless you are a roofer this is probably the one area of your house where you rarely, if ever (!) venture. Unfortunately, this makes roofing work even more of a prime target for scammers who can get away with shoddy workmanship in the knowledge that the client will never see it.

All is often well until you suddenly find that the brand-new roof you’ve had built is letting in water and your expensive room decorating, wall wiring and much else is now damaged.

We cannot stress enough the importance of ‘doing it right the first time’. We absolutely guarantee that a money saving repair or cheap installation will cost you more in the long run… sometimes MUCH more.

It’s sad, but DO NOT take quotes at face value. Run through the checklist below in order to better ascertain how reliable the roofer you are talking to is:

– Ask to see copies of their public liability insurance

– Request photos of previous work completed. Query the work carried out in the jobs – were quality products used?

– If possible ask for the contact details of 1 or 2 previous clients who are willing to vouch for the quality of workmanship and service they have received.

– Google the roofer – has anyone else had anything bad to say?

– Are phones answered, quotations provided in a timely and professional manner? Does their website work?

– Go with your instinct – if a roofing company is legitimate they won’t be desperate for the work. Quotes will be realistic and estimates carefully explained.

If it seems too good to be true then it probably is… we’ve seen it hundreds of times now – poor quality materials, incorrect roofing techniques and shocking examples of substandard workmanship which all lead to failures in roofs after just a couple of years… Not exactly the decades of service you would have been hoping for from your new roof!

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