Storm Eleanor has been wreaking havoc across the UK in the last 48hrs with winds of up to 100mph. We’re not used to dealing with winds of this speed in the UK and the first casualty is often our property roofs. Nothing reveals a weakness in a roof like high winds and you might have woken up to find anything from the odd tile missing right through to sizeable holes in your roof. Damage to guttering and sofits can also exacerbate the problem.

It is incredibly important to repair this damage as quickly as possible – missing tiles and other damage leaves your roof and home below open to the elements, in particular rain water. And with the weather set to worsen over the next couple of weeks the last thing you can afford is to have water pouring into your property. Failure to replace a loose roof tile could result in significant water ingress which leads to roof joist damage as well as damage to your ceilings and the rest of your house below including electrical systems.

Eaton Roofing are expert roofers who operate across London. We have a responsive team that is able to tackle all manner of roof repairs including those on heritage buildings in conservation areas. Our work is carried out to the highest of standards with our motto being ‘Do it right the first time’.

If your roof has suffered storm damage then don’t delay… the quicker this is dealt with, the greater the chance it can be repaired quickly and easily.

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