Green Roofs are becoming increasingly popular across the UK. These specialist types of roof are topped with a planting scheme consisting of a variety of different species of plants. The roof base is designed to support these plants and ensure they can thrive and grow creating a green, living, environmentally friendly roof top that looks great and also performs brilliantly as a roof in its own right.

So, what are the benefits of a green roof?

  • Creates a natural habitat.
  • Environmental masking blends the building into its surroundings.
  • Improved air quality as vegetation assists in reducing both gaseous pollutants and dust particles.
  • Reduces urban heat island effect (the difference in temperature between urban areas and the surrounding countryside) through absorption of some of this heat and the natural evaporation of water from plants and soil.
  • Reduces building’s carbon footprint through lowering building running costs.
  • Reduced construction costs: no requirement for screed on the deck reducing the overall weight imposed, fewer rainwater outlets, decreased rainwater drainage system capacity and a reduced requirement for storm water attenuation within the SUDs scheme for the site.
  • Soft landscaping helps to reduce the risk of flooding by retaining large proportions of annual rainfall and reducing rainwater run-off. Particularly useful within Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDs) schemes.
  • Increased life expectancy of waterproofing membranes when protected by green roof landscaping.
  • Increased property value – roof usage can be maximised for purposes including leisure, and offers unique potential for replacing the land lost to the building’s footprint.
  • Noise reduction for the building – green roofs have excellent acoustic qualities for both external sound (up to 3dB) and internal noise up to 8dB).
  • Many local authorities favour planning proposals that incorporate green roofs within the application, particularly if it meets their policies towards providing a sustainable environment.

Plenty of benefits then!

The Basics

In a way, there is nothing particularly special about a Green Roof from a technical perspective. A Green Roof is simply one that aids the growth of vegetation. It is made of a waterproofing layer, a root barrier, a drainage system and growing medium for the plants. Roof gardens can be created as part of Green Roofs and can include much larger plants and even water features.

Green Roofs are not a new experimental type of roof… far from it. They are experiencing a significant resurgence as environmental factors become a higher priority but you can find green roofs that have been protecting buildings for decades. As such you don’t need to be concerned that you are experimenting with an untested technology for the roof of you home. Green Roofs are well tried and tested and, when installed correctly, will last as long, if not longer than more traditional forms of roofing.

There is concern for people considering a Green Roof that it will be more prone to leakage than a traditional roof. Fortunately, we can dispel this myth… a Green Roof will be no more susceptible to leaking than an ‘ordinary’ equivalent. In fact, as the plants protect the underlying roof membrane (which is what provides the waterproof layer) from UV light, Green Roofs may actually stay watertight for longer than regular roofs. Barriers are also in place to prevent roots from the plants penetrating the waterproof membrane. In short, a well-designed Green Roof will provide a superb covering for your property and will fully protect it from the weather.

Wallbarn Green Roofs

ER Group is pleased to work with Wallbarn who are suppliers of innovative, top quality green roof systems, decking, paving, landscaping and waterproofing products. Their industry leading M-Tray® Unique Modular Green Roofs are leading the way and set the standard for Green Roofs.

The Wallbarn M-Tray® green roof system consists of specially-designed modular trays containing superior, engineered substrate and fully established flowering sedum. These easy-to-carry trays click together to form a seamless green roof consisting of fully established sedum plants nurtured from seed at their own UK nurseries. The clever design ensures your Green Roof is futureproofed. If there are problems with the deck beneath or inspection is required, one M-Tray® or section can easily be lifted out without disruption to the whole roof, unlike roll-out which often involves the removal of tonnes of soil and vegetation, which then would need to be replaced at an additional cost. This makes the Wallbarn M-Tray® our Green Roof system of choice.

Installation is made much easier thanks to the M-Tray® and means a Green Roof can no be fitted to traditionally harder to access roof tops (subject to roof suitability). The modules are easier to fit than many alternatives meaning it’s possible to install your new Green Roof more quickly. In addition, the M-Tray®’s unique, self-irrigating design means rainwater gets retained far longer and very little maintenance is required through the seasons.

ER Group has carried out numerous installations of Green Roofs for our clients and have a deep understanding of the product and how to ensure it provides excellent service over its lifetime.

Our fully qualified and insured team work across London installing Green Roofs. Our clients appreciate the honest advice and high standards we operate to. If you’d like any advice on installing a Green Roof then please contact us and we’d be happy to help.